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Well we are changing domains. our new website can be found here its not complete but it is working. Please sighn in on the forums and get posting thank you
Views: 1990 | Added by: bahamut8591 | Date: 25/April/2011 | Comments (0)

hey guys I am here to say that Asrts and I are starting to make a new website for SG-10. the web address is The reason on why we are making a new website \is because that we are very limited on what we can do and change on this website. and plus the hassle with just getting signed up for the website and forums. What I am asking for you guys is some input on what you guys want to see in the new website.If anybody also knows a fair amount about web designing and want to help out, please message me.
Views: 1079 | Added by: bahamut8591 | Date: 22/March/2011 | Comments (0)

Teamspeak is down right now - and I figured I would post the minecraft ip's here so we could connect



enjoy =)

Views: 980 | Added by: Hoover | Date: 19/March/2011 | Comments (1)

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Views: 873 | Added by: Asrts101 | Date: 23/February/2011 | Comments (0)

So - as Baha has told a lot of you, we are no longer a clan (O_o). we are a gaming Community. Basically, nothing changed. The title of Clan Leader has changed to Community Leader. Clan Officer has been changed to Community Officer. Division leaders are now the clan leaders for their game. However, their name will stay the same. Also, Sandtiger3528 has been promoted to the rank of Officer. Just one more quick note, if any of you guys are looking for something to do, get on a forum for one of the games we play, and promote the Community. Mention teamspeak, the website, and perhaps some other stuff.
Views: 802 | Added by: Hoover | Date: 22/February/2011 | Comments (6)

check out Asrts's clan videos. If any of you guys make a video for SG-10, try putting one of these at the end (I will put in a download link soon).


Views: 852 | Added by: Hoover | Date: 01/February/2011 | Comments (4)

Just wanted to let yall know that i will not be on from 1/27/11 - 2/7/11. i will be gone on vacation. yall have fun and try not to let minecraft get cancled while i am gone.
Views: 658 | Added by: beeb | Date: 23/January/2011 | Comments (1)

well as of today, the 4th of January, it has been 3 months officially since the clan was made. I am glad to see the clan staying strong with each other and to other clans that were with SG:R. We were created with Docfate, Hoover, KegeenKHG and Me. we are still a small clan, but we are always playing together and that why this clan was made. If you guys would like to recruit more members from the games you guys play, that will be great. I would like to see the clan become a big clan where we have man people playing multiple games. and besides more members we get. more officers we will need. biggrin

Have fun playing the games you love. I hope to be able to join you guys hopefully soon

Views: 650 | Added by: bahamut8591 | Date: 04/January/2011 | Comments (0)

nice to see you are taking an interest in posting on the site baha. Merry christmas to everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the clan war with CZS (you know, the one we forgot about). ah well, if minecraft fells like consuming my soul then let it.

Now for some not so newsy stuff. I would encourage all of you to check out Rift if you haven't. Me and Decus are part of the beta (and baha is tying to get in). They have some websites that are giving out serials (but no more VIPs). Despite that, i have been accepted to the first three beta events, so I think you can if you just get those serials. Also, if you haven't heard, some of us are starting to play the Minecraft Beta, which is about $20. Not very graphics intensive, but very fun. If you dont have the cash, you can get the cracked version. The server IPs are in the Minecraft channel description on TS. As Sandtiger said, we should try and promote SG-10 and the SG-10 website.

okay, I think that is long enough. if you have anything to sa ... Read more »

Views: 769 | Added by: Hoover | Date: 25/December/2010 | Comments (2)

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell everybody merry christmas to everybody who see this. I hope everybody has a great christmas.
Views: 667 | Added by: bahamut8591 | Date: 25/December/2010 | Comments (0)

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Welcome to the SG-10 website. If you are looking for a clan to be in please visit the SG-10 Application Thread by click here and apply for the clan. If you need to contact an officer please PM them on the forums. Thank you for your Patience.

Does your website have live streaming trance music??????

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